Navette 3 pcs - With bolster

The NAVETTE is an iconic model of Douris Chastel brand.

It is presented here with a massive Stainless steel bolster.

The knife's 3 pieces are the blade, the corkscrew and the bottle/can opener.

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Handle materials
Blade materials
12C27 stainless steel
  • Juniper
  • Olive
  • Boxwood
  • Kingwood
  • Pistachio

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  • Cattle
  • Deer horn

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2 pieces folding knife (blade + corkscrew), sold in leather pouch.

Entirely handmade in Thiers, in our workshop, Navette Douris CHASTEL knife meets the quality requirements of GOYON-CHAZEAU:

- 100% handmade in France
- Sandvik 12C27 staibless steel blade
- mat finish
- Forced notch
- Massive stainless steel bolster
- Rivets assembly, stainless steel rosette
- Hardened 5-screw corkscrew
- hardenned stainless steel bottle/can opener

Blade's technical length : 90mm
Blade's usable length : 70mm
Total knife length : 178mm

We recommend to handwash the articles with a soft sponge.
Do not leave in prolonged contact with water, humidity or a heat source.
Wipe as soon as washing is completed.
Store in a dry place.