Set of 6 knives Stylver Factory


Each Stylver Factory knife comes from one of the best stainless steels bar. All the aesthetics of raw forge natural imperfections are then meticulously revealed by the craftsmen manual work, done in our workshop.

303,33 €

Styl'ver Factory echoes the industrial design and the forge raw character :

- 100% French handcraft production in our workshop
- Forged hardened blade in X46CR13 stainless steel (52-54 HRC)
- Plunge line
- Sabre ground
- 1 forged bolster
- Pieces retain their rough forging appearance on the stainless steel parts for aesthetic purposes.

Sold in wooden oak gift box without varnish

These knives can be washed in the dishwasher at 55 ° C maximum.
Rinse items before placing them in the basket.
Use a conventional powder detergent without adding regenerating salt or rinsing liquid as they are corrosive.
Do not wash in the presence of other metals such as iron, silver or gold, this to avoid any electrolysis phenomenon.
Wipe as soon as the wash cycle is over.
Store in a dry place.