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Le Thiers Damas Hestia - Pre-sale

Launch of the manufacturing from 100 pre-sold sets. For any information: +33 4 73 51 44 86 or

By searching permanent innovation, GOYON-CHAZEAU Cutlery has set itself the challenge of sublimating steel material by producing a table knife entirely forged in multi-layer steel : Le Thiers damas Hestia.

The selling of is box of 6 knives integrally forged in damascus steel is limited to 100 sets.

Cost of the box : 5000€ TTC

500 € deposit for reservation are requested in pre-sale.

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Blade materials
Stainless steel damascus
Box of 6

416,67 €

This knife is born from a simple and unique idea : manufacturing a solid handle Le THIERS® knife, hot forged, from a damascus stainless steel bar.
Only persons addicted to their work and heritage, as we are, embark on such an adventure that requires perfect control of all manufacturing operations.

Fruit of the passion of a whole team and outcome of a long-term work, LE THIERS® Δαμα Hestia knife  - please say "Dama(s) Hestia" -, pushes GOYON-CHAZEAU to the limits of its cutler know-how and mastery of forging.

This knife of excellence is the result of a fusion of a stainless martensitic damascus steel to more than 1220°C. This damascus steel comes from powder metallurgy, and mixes of two alloys: RWL34 and PMC27.

Once revealed with acid, it reveals fine encyclings that make each piece unique.

Hardened , with a full blade cutting edge for an everlasting cut, then handpolished with grained buffalo leather, this knife offers an exceptional finish from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle.

LE THIERS® Δαμα Hestia takes its name from its city, its material (Δαμα = damas) and the Greek goddess of family, home and fire: three words that tell its whole story.

Sold in lether case

Launch of the manufacturing from 100 pre-sold sets. For any information, contact us on  33 (0) 4 73 51 44 86 or on

We recommend to handwash these damascus steel knives with a soft sponge.
Do not leave in prolonged contact with water or chemical products.
Wipe as soon as washing is completed.
Store in a dry place.