Le Thiers knife by Goyon-Chazeau

Capital of French cutlery for more than 6 centuries, the city of Thiers has known several generations of cutlers who have made the reputation of French knives, in particular high-end artisanal knives.

In the early 90s, cutlers from Thiers came together to symbolize this mastery and know-how by creating a knife which will be named as their city. Le Thiers® knife (1994), and the Brotherhood of Le Thiers® knife which protects it, were born from the reflexion of the entire profession.

Coutellerie GOYON-CHAZEAU has participated to this approach from the very beginning and continues to play an active role in the development and the protection of this knife.


During 25 years, Le Thiers® has become an emblematic knife of French cutlery that today shines internationally.

Its slender, slightly curved and double wave shape, the marking of the name of the manufacturer on the blade and the T mark, are part of the knife and make it recognizable among all the others.

Whether for table, kitchen or pocket, Le Thiers® knife is available in many versions, all born from the inspiration of each Thiers cutler, but always in accordance with the specifications established by the Brotherhood.


At GOYON-CHAZEAU we respect with enthusiasm the values ​​and specificities of Le Thiers® knife and we ensure that they are respected.

Discover our range of Le Thiers® knives in our partner stores or on our online cutlery and let yourself be seduced by our lines of Le Thiers® table knives and cutlery, our Le Thiers® Cuisine range, our Le Thiers® and Le Thiers® PIROU pocket knives or our exceptional Le Thiers® damas Hestia knife, hot forged from a damascus steel bar.


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Discovering  Le Thiers® KNIFE... Damascus steel, origin of exceptional blades