Posted By: Peggy Patouillard In: About us On: 2/05/2019

BOULANGER, a large household appliances french sign asked the Coutellerie GOYON-CHAZEAU to promote Thiers cutlery heritage among its customers of Aubière city shop.

It is not obvious that a multi-specialist in household appliances and multimedia as BOULANGER calls on a cutler craftsman in order to occupy his store entrance.

And yet, it was a wish of Laurent Danylak, manager of BOULANGER Aubière store who wanted to promote cutlery heritage of his region and offer to his customers high-end accessories, complementary to its household offer. After some discussions with his salesmen including a knife enthusiast, the contact with GOYON-CHAZEAU was quickly established.

The product selection was easy to set up too.  Magali Soucille : " It has been obvious for us, from the beginning, that the staging of Thiers knife-making heritage is around LE THIERS® knife, the emblematic knife of our region. We present it here through several interpretations of table knives, pocket knives and kitchen knives, remaining all the historical and social depth that it conveys to the visitors. And as Coutellia, the knife festival of art and tradition, opens its doors May 18 and 19 in Thiers, GOYON-CHAZEAU continues the promotion of Thiers and cutlery by offering entries to the first buyers at BOULANGER ".

This is enough to discover an exciting world in an unusual context! Notice to enthusiasts and curious who can see the booth from May 1 to August 31, 2019.