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16 septembre 2021 By Quentin Jannin

The different cooking knives

In the kitchen, each knife is reserved for a well-defined use. There are several types of blades, each designed to facilitate specific tasks. But...
27 juillet 2021 By Peggy Patouillard

Function and usefulness of the different cutlery pieces used in France

The 4 pieces set is internationally known. But other complementary pieces, more specific, often ask questions. We try here to present you the main...
13 juillet 2021 By Quentin Jannin

How to well maintain your knives?

Durability is essential for a quality cooking knife: keeping blade's performance requires careful maintenance. In this article, we give you some...
28 juin 2021 By Quentin Jannin

French cutlery vs. Japanese cutlery : what are the differences?

Between tradition and variety, cutlery is an art which, like all others, is practiced differently from one culture to another. Japan and France are...
10 mars 2021 By Peggy Patouillard

The price of a knife

What makes the price of a knife or a cutlery piece? Here are some tips to understand the basis.
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