6 Le Thiers LUXURY knives - Mammoth variation


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With the desire to always go further in our artisanal creations, we present this premium set of 6 Laguiole forged table knives, handmade with mammoth molar handles.

100% Handmade in France.

2 200,00 €

The tableARTS find all their meaning with this exceptional set, both by its realization and by the quality of the materials it uses:
- 100% French handcraft production in our workshop
- Forged hardened blade in X46CR13 stainless steel (52-54 HRC)
- Plunge line
- Full blade cutting edge
- Chiselling and Le Thiers "T" stamped on the forged back of each article
- 2 forged bolsters
- 3 rivets assembly  
- Brillant finish

This box includes different materials coming from mammouth:
- Mammoth molar (one cut lengthwise and one cut crosswise),
- Mammoth ivory (inner part of the external tusk which has retained its ivory purity),
- Mammoth crust (outer part of the external tusk, in contact with the ground),
- Mammoth bone,
- Mammoth pulp (internal part of the tusk, located above the jaw.)

These materials, recovered from the frozen ground of Russia, are stabilized and sliced before being assembled on our knives then shaped and polished by hand.

Rare and difficult to collect, they are highly prized in the world of pocket cutlery and presented here, for the first time, on table cutlery of excellence.

Sold in wooden oak gift box

23cm long knives; about 115g.

Handwash the articles by hand with a soft sponge.
Do not leave in prolonged contact with water, chemical products or a heat source.
Wipe as soon as washing is completed.
Store in a dry place.