Folding knives 


The 750

The 750 is the pocket knife by GOYON-CHAZEAU. Raced and powerful, it will satisfy hunters and sportsmen.

Le Thiers

Le Thiers pocket knife by GOYON-CHAZEAU is fully handmade with a very nice moleton finish on its three rivets.  Slender and with an everlasting cutting edge on its blade, it is more than a knife, it is a real companion of life.

Le Thiers Pirou

Le Thiers Pirou pocket knife by GOYON-CHAZEAU is entirely handmade. The icon on the back of each knife refers to the Pirou Castle, the most ancient building of the city of Thiers.


Styl'ver shape has been designed and patterned by GOYON-CHAZEAU. this folding knife with a handle inspired by the curve of hand palm perfectly fits in hand.

Belt pouches

The leather cases proposed by GOYON-CHAZEAU cutlery are made in France. Their double pass allows them to be horizontally or vertically positioned at the belt.


GOYON-CHAZEAU proposes an option to customize your knife by laser marking. Logo, first name, personalized message... finish your knife to your image !