Goyon Chazeau


GOYON-CHAZEAU is a high-end craftsmanship family cutlery since the 1950s.The company creates and manufactures 100% French table knives and cutlery, cooking knives and folding knives

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A renowned expertise

Passion for cutlery, work of the hand & care brought to the details are omnipresent & indissociable of GOYON-CHAZEAU’s identity. These values have enabled the company to receive the Living Heritage Company label, for its unique expertise in stainless steel welding and forged knives manufacturing.

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The forge in the heart

The story always begins with a stainless steel bar. Forged then worked with meticulousness as watchmaking, it gradually takes shape in the cutler’s hand.

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Carefully selected materials

From the blade’s steel to the wood, acrylic, or horn tips for the handle, each material is carefully selected for its technical and aesthetic qualities.

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They trust us